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ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Gaming Headset Review

A Closer Look & Performance

The first thing that really surprised me about this headset is how gorgeous it looks. It’s a really slick looking headset, blending as little plastic as possible with a textured back panel and a steel headband. The headband also forms the ear cup mounts and looks fantastic with its lightly sandblasted finish.

The ear cups do not rotate inwards, but they are mounted on pivots, allowing for some vertical adjustment. Of course, this will help improve the fit around your ears too, as not everyone’s head is the same shape and size (more on that later, actually).


The overall fit and finish are superb though. The metalwork and the plastics have the same lightly textured design, which gives it a much more expensive look and feel. It feels pretty robust overall too, despite being fairly lightweight.

The ergonomics are straightforward enough too. The headband can be adjusted using a slider on each earcup and locks into place with a “bump” at each adjustment level.

Thick Padding

The headband comes heavily padded on all sides. While the headset isn’t heavy to begin with, it still goes a long way to distributing what little weight there is. Plus, the extra padding is great for those long gaming sessions. It’s comfortable enough to forget it’s there after a while, which is something I can’t say about a lot of headsets.

There’s plentiful padding on the ear cups too. They use very soft and forgiving memory foam. What’s more, it’s sealed up tight using a PU leather, and a tight gasket. The drivers are closed backed, helping lock in the sound and block out the world. That’s often a big advantage for improving the bass response too.

The headset uses a wire through design, meaning the cable only attaches on one side. It’s got a fair bit of slack on it too, but that’s needed for when the headband is fully extended. I like that the mounts go around the back of the driver too, as it keeps them fairly low profile.

Big Head?

The headset has really comfortable ergonomics. However, it has a bit of a quirk to it too. At the minimal extension, it’ll fit younger games really comfortably. You can extend it out and it’s one of the few headsets that fit my massive head too, even with room to spare… HOWEVER!

The metal headband doesn’t run all the way through, so you can pull the headband straight when it’s fully extended. Why? Well, if you’re the star of Hey Arnold! or your name is Stewie Griffin, it’ll be a good fit. Bonus points to anyone who can guess how I took this picture.

50mm Drivers

Now, those drivers, they’re just full of surprises. ASUS Market them as Deep Bass, but honestly, the bass isn’t bringing quite the punch I was expecting. All the elements are right though; big drivers, sealed ear cups, leather padding. It’s not that the bass is lacking, but I don’t think they should draw attention to there being lots of it, as it’s pretty standard really. That being said, the mid ranges of the EQ are pretty strong, bringing in a nice crunch to heavy guitar music, and lots of detail to your typical FPS game.

Bright and Clear

The treble is bright and clear, but not overly so. You can hear footsteps and voices nice and clear though. I found them perfectly enjoyable for playing Elder Scrolls Online and Ghost Recon while chatting on Discord. To that end, the microphone was pretty clear, and while it picked up a bit of background noise, that’s to be expected from a somewhat stock microphone. It’s very clear though, so credit to them for that.

Overall, the sound isn’t perfect, but it is pretty good. At this price range, I’d say it’s actually better than most of the other cheap headsets. It sounds great while watching a movie or playing games. However, while they sounded decent enough for music, if you’re using them for music only, a less gaming-focused pair of music headphones may be preferred.

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Peter Donnell @Xavilend

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