Asus Unveil An X79 Concept Motherboard At Computex 2012

/ 5 years ago

Computex 2012: Throughout the week at Computex 2012, the buzz has all been about Thunderbolt. Whilst browsing around the exhibition floor, we made sure we took some time out to investigate the rumours that had been going around of a new concept board that Asus has on show.

Based around the X79 chipset, the first thing that is clear, is the lack of any PCI-e lanes of any sort. At the bottom of the board there area number of addition power headers and in the place of the PCI-e lanes is the mother of all motherboard mounted heatsinks. So what lies here? Well we’ve tried to find out as much as we can but all we know is that it features dual onboard gpu-s and this explains for the additional onboard power.

We have tried to find out specific features of the board but Asus are keeping the cards close to their chest for now in full, but after taking a look at whats on show, this board really does take motherboard design and specification to the next level.


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