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ASUS X670E-Extreme Motherboard Could Be Burning 7000X3D CPUs

ASUS are in some hot water today as various users have reported issues surrounding 7000X3D CPUs dying with burn marks on them when being used with an ASUS X670E-Extreme motherboard.

ASUS ROG X670E-Extreme Motherboards Burning X3D Chips

Earlier today Reddit user Katten_Hanna made post in the AMD subreddit discussing some recent posts surrounding 7000 X3D CPUS dying with burn marks on them when being used with an ASUS X670E-Extreme motherboard. Katten_Hanna also has shared their belief that ASUS is trying to cover up this issue as several BIOS versions have been delisted with only BIOS 1202 and 1003 available and pointed out how BIOS 1202 and BIOS 1004 have the same patch notes.

What is Causing This?

At the moment there hasn’t been a full investigation into the issue but Katten_Hanna believes it is likely that a faulty BIOS is pushing too much voltage which in turn is causing the CPUs to blow. Another user by the name of u/darkezowsky has added some more evidence to this as they have noticed their ROG Strix X670E-A provides unnecessarily high voltage to their 7950X3D. One of the people affected by this issue was u/Speedrookie who shared an image of their CPU with a fully deformed bulge on the CPU which has also damaged the socket.

We intend on conducting our own investigation into this issue and hopefully find out whether the BIOS is dumping too much voltage into the chip, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel in the coming days.

Is ASUS Covering This Up?

From a consumer perspective, it does look as though they are covering this up as we haven’t heard any word of this issue from ASUS themselves but, their removing of faulty BIOS versions I don’t believe is a coverup and instead is them simply removing faulty BIOS so that people don’t use it. It’s a bit sensational to claim ASUS in attempting to rapidly fix a major issue is a coverup. It is likely they will make a public announcement regarding this soon.

Have you experienced any issues with your X3D Chip? Let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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