ASUSTOR Announces the Launch of ADM 2.4

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After almost 2 months in beta state, ASUSTOR officially released the new ADM 2.4 update. After updating their NAS with the new operating system, users will be able to enjoy improved performance on encrypted shares as well as a proper release of storage space previously occupied by already deleted files. The use of SSDs has also been optimized with full TRIM support to keep up the transfer speeds of the drives. The SNMP network management protocol was added and the Network Defender got enhanced with more flexibility. With the use of VLC, the NAS devices now also support multimedia browsing for the File Explorer with generated thumbnails of your videos.

The new update that also includes bugfixes is available for all ASUSTOR’s devices now, all you need to do is update your NAS. If you aren’t sure if you want to upgrade your system, you can take a test drive of the new system with the Live Demo on the ADM site.

New functions featured in ADM 2.4 include:

  • All new shared folder encryption mechanism: The new encryption mechanism, effectively increases data encryption speeds, and properly releases storage space previously occupied by already deleted files. With regards to encrypted folders that were created using the previous encryption method, a conversion function is provided on the settings page for easy converting without any complicated steps.
  • Newly added support for the SSD Trim command: This function allows the SSDs installed on the NAS to maintain stable read/write performance while simultaneously controlling the frequency of overwriting to specific blocks, extending the life of SSDs.
  • Newly added SNMP Network Management Protocol: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provides a set of standards that allows managers on a single network management system (NMS) to collect information from all network equipment for convenient monitoring and maintenance. ADM 2.4.0 supports SNMP v1, v2c, v3 and also provides a trap setting that can actively notify the NMS of significant events.
  • Enhanced Network Defender: Users can now create a trusted list and also define black and white lists using the IP country of origin or area via the Geo IP expansion module, providing added configuration flexibility.
  • Optimized File Explorer: Users can now intuitively right-click and select the preview function to play videos, music and images when browsing through multimedia files with ADM File Explorer.
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Thanks to ASUSTOR for providing us with this information

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