ATARI CEO Confirms Company is Working on New Console

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ATARI CEO Confirms Company is Working on New Console

Classic console game maker ATARI confirmed via their CEO Fred Chesnais that a new machine is on the way. Chesnais spoke to GamesBeat about cashing in on the retro gaming popularity, highlighted by the success of Nintendo’s NES Classic. The product being teased is called the ‘Ataribox’ and is different from the Flashback handheld reported a few days ago. Many believe the teaser video to be a hoax last week as it sounds too good to be true. While Chesnais did not elaborate further on details, the new teased product apparently took years to make.

ATARI CEO Confirms Company is Working on New Console

Not much is seen in the teaser video either, but a distinct wood paneling is prominently visible. This of course, emphasizes the “retroness” of the console but whether this machine will be playing only old classics or will be a competitive new powerhouse is unknown. Although the latter makes the most economical and market sense for the company. Chesnais however said that the new console will be using “PC technology”, which could mean it is packing more rendering power.

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Chesnais purchased ATARI after they filed for bankruptcy in 2013, pledging to revive the brand and make it profitable. Other than working on a new console, Chesnais and his team have been very busy licensing classic ATARI properties. This even includes licensing the name for use in Hollywood movies such as the new Blade Runner 2049.

ATARI BOX Teaser Video

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