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Atari Starts Accepting VCS Pre-Orders… Again!

Atari VCS

Following a highly successful campaign on Indiegogo a little over a year ago, the Atari VCS is without a doubt one of the strangest upcoming console releases around. You see, despite all the initial success and hype that the VCS saw, everything that has come since has been more than a little worrying.

Details on the system are still exceptionally vague. We’ve already seen a name change for reasons unknown and, in addition, the release date for the system has been delayed (significantly) twice, with (at best) a current planned launch for ‘some time’ in 2020. – The short version is, if I was one of the early bird backers of this console, I’d be looking to get my money back!

Following an update to the official website, however, it seems that Atari is again pushing the VCS by (for the third time now) opening the console up to pre-orders!

What Is It?

Part of the problem with the VCS is that it seems that Atari has absolutely no idea what the console exactly is. Is it going to be a fun retro-system? Are they looking to make it some form of streaming enabled platform? Nobody really knows! Atari has said that it will compete with the next-gen consoles, but based on what we’ve seen so far, there is very little to back that up!

The fact is, however, that despite it being 2 years now since the product was officially ‘revealed’, nobody has a bloody clue what this is going to be! All we know is that it’s going to be expensive with ‘base models’ starting at $250!

Should I Pre-Order One?

In a word? No. In two words? Hell no! – The Atari VCS might indeed turn out to be a pretty fun console, but everything we have seen so far indicates that this project has disaster written all over it. Long delays, unclear descriptions, a clear lack of direction, no news at all over gaming beyond retro classics, and ultimately it costs a lot to get one! – None of this (usually) adds up to a success and at this point, you’d have to be certifiable to actually pre-order one!

I once called the Atari VCS the Ouya Mark II, and I still stand by that. While a retro system (with some modern bells and whistles) could’ve proven to be a huge success for Atari, this is just turning into a nightmare!

If you are, however, having something of a moment of madness, you can visit the official website via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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