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Atari VCS Confirms Game Prices will be Capped at $25

With the release of the Atari VCS set to happen within the next couple of months, we have to admit that everything we have seen so far regarding this console has had ‘dumpster fire’ written all over it. If you are, however, adamantly keen on getting one, then there is at least some good news.

In a report via TechPowerUp, it has been confirmed that games sold on their store platform will be capped to a maximum of $25.

Atari VCS

In making the announcement, Atari has confirmed that all games available on their digital storefront will be priced typically between $3-$25 with the latter being the highest amount they will allow.

While this might make the console a little more attractive in terms of gaming options (for those on relatively limited budgets), in my opinion, the Atari VCS has much bigger problems than this on its hands. Specifically, it’s price tag (which we’ll get onto shortly) and the fact that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to be launching hot on its heels!

hat Do We Think?

With the Atari VCS currently being offered to pre-order for $389.99, it’s hard to deny that this is a ridiculously expensive price. Particularly for a console that, putting its somewhat dated/limited hardware to one side, nobody even now knows exactly what it’s really going to represent.

So, on the plus side, games for the Atari VCS are going to be cheap. Given that the vast majority of them are likely going to be Indie titles, however, it still doesn’t give me any confidence that this console is going to be anything other than an abject failure. I stand to be proven wrong, but somehow doubt that will be the case.

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Mike Sanders

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