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Atari VCS To Start Shipping Units This Month

I must admit that over the last few months, I’d completely forgotten about the upcoming release of the Atari VCS. Admitted though, based on pretty much all of the largely negative news surrounding it, that may have been a good thing!

Despite several delays in its launch, however, there may finally be some good news for at least some of the original backers. In a report via Engadget, Atari is set to start officially shipping its consoles within the next couple of weeks!

Atari VCS

In the report, Atari has confirmed that by June 14th, they should be ready to ship around 500 units to some of the original backers. While this might sound relatively positive, however, it’s still a long way off meeting the nearly 12,000 people who crowdfunded the project. I mean, one would presume that every one of those people wanted one of these consoles. Well, at least at the time of the original Indiegogo.

So, all going well, by the end of this month we should finally start to find out just how good (or bad) the Atari VCS is. One of the weirdest aspects of its design, however, is that even at this point, nobody seems entirely certain exactly what the console is going to represent.

What is it?

We’ve heard a lot of speculation and news surrounding the Atari VCS and, in so far as we can gather, it’s going to come bundled with a lot of retro games, but not much else. There will, in addition, be some form of subscription package, but what you get in that still seems a little contradictory depending on who you listen to.

Admittedly, with a Ryzen based processor, it’s certainly going to have a little beef behind it, but exactly what this is going to represent in terms of mainstream gaming still remains entirely unclear. We still hold hopes that the Atari VCS could be an amazing system. Forgive us though if we don’t sound too optimistic about it!

In fact, as a matter of full disclosure, when writing the title for this article I nearly made a very unfortunate typo regarding the word ‘shipping’. That may, however, have been something in the realms of a Freudian slip to my own personal opinion of the Atari VCS.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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