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Attack On Titan Releases Final Series Trailer!

If you haven’t watched Attack on Titan, then you really should. Even if you’re not a fan of anime (Japanese animation), if this series doesn’t get you on board then, quite frankly, nothing will!

With me presuming though, that you are a huge fan of this franchise, I have some excellent news for you. Following a video posted on YouTube, we have an official trailer for the final series of the show! Get your popcorn ready and prepare to be blown away by, quite possibly, the best 2-minute long video you’ll see today!

Please note – If you haven’t watched Attack on Titan before, then I think you should be alright watching the trailer without too much being ruined for you. Albeit, you might think it’s more than a little bizarre without the knowledge of what’s happened up until this point and, more so, the fact that the voice work is still in its original Japanese.

Attack on Titan

So, watching the trailer, it seems that the final series is certainly going to be a little action packed and, I warn you now, there may be some spoilers ahead of you from this point on in this article! – So if you want to dodge them, skip to the next heading!

You have been warned!

So, it appears that with the prior season concluding on the discovery that the Titans are effectively a weapon of warfare from an enemy state, it seems that either Erin (and his friends) are going to take the war to their real foe, or, quite possibly, that the enemy is going to launch a final(?) and major assault on their walls! I’m not, of course, going to tell you which one it is, but if you do want to know, the original Manga series is out there!

When Is it Out?

Although an exact release date for the final series has not yet been confirmed, we understand that Japan plans to primarily begin airing around Autumn (with a subbed version likely releasing a day or two later). Based on this trailer, however, action certainly seems to be the order of the day and, rest assured, when this lands I’m going to be entirely and eagerly ready to see how this is all going to end!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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