Audi Developing Car That Avoids Red Lights

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Ever been late for work or a date and you seem to get every red light on the way to your destination? Well that could soon be a thing of the past with Audi developing a car that can sense when traffic lights ahead are about to turn red. The new advanced technology dubbed Traffic Light Assist will let the driver know how long before a traffic light ahead of the driver will change, thus leaving the driver to adjust speed to miss the red light or seek an alternative route. Although the technology is currently still in testing and development stage, Audi has released how this new feature in their cars will work.

The Traffic Light Assist works by using the GPS in the car as well as having access to local traffic light control information, once these two systems work together a display pops up on the dash telling the driver the timer on traffic lights they will encounter on their route and also the timer for those traffic lights. Testing has all ready begun in selected cities around the world, however global release may come under scrutiny from local authorities as some drivers may take advantage use this new piece of technology to speed through red lights that may be popping up ahead of them. I personally love the idea of this new piece of technology that Audi is developing, however I can see where local authorities will have a problem with this, as it might encourage speeding. What are your thoughts on this latest piece of automotive tech?

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One Response to “Audi Developing Car That Avoids Red Lights”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    This is a laugh. Our robots are often out operation due to either cable theft, power outages, some negligent minibus taxi driver taking out the lights or a multitude of other reasons, and how do you get access to local traffic light information when none exists?

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