The Aurora Headband Lets You Take Control Of Your Dreams

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Now here is an interesting and most effective gadget, something that helps you control your dreams. The Aurora, a new Kickstarter project, is a ‘Dream-Enhanced Headband’ that lets you control your dreams by inducing ‘lucid dreams’.

This is a gadget dedicated mostly to people who know they are dreaming, but cannot control their dreams no matter what they do. In fact, everybody had at least one dream in their life in which they knew they were dreaming, but could not wake up or ‘control’ their dream (the most common dreams of this state are known as nightmares). The Aurora aims to help you with just that, by creating lucid dreams that you can recognise as ‘dreams’ and helps you take control of them. It actively monitors your sleep stages throughout the night by sensing your brain waves, and with the help of the accelerometer, it even tracks your body movements.


During your dream, the Aurora will signal you with subtle sounds and lights which ‘find’ their way into your dream, notifying you upon the fact that you are dreaming. And once you recognise and become aware of the fact that you are inside your own dream, you can do everything you want. It is noted to be like you own ‘private universe’. The Aurora also lets you design your personal light and sound queues, and it can even wake you up when you feel well rested from the analysis it gathers during your sleep.

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The Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband could be a unique gadget that can relieve you of stress gathered from day-to-day tasks, or even an alternative way of getting a vacation for the people who have less time to go on holiday due to ‘heavy working hours’. Either way, it is indeed a unique and delightful concept to keep in mind.

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  1. Andres Reyes says:

    well I can control my dreams almost all times.

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