Australian government wants Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to explain about prices

/ 5 years ago

Recently, Australia’s Federal government summoned the tech giants to explain why Australians have to pay more for their product than their customers in U.S. and U.K., a question that the companies have refused to answer so far.

The companies who received the inquiry are Apple, Microsoft and Adobe and they will be appearing before the House committee on March 22nd to explain this which was raised by Choice and ACMA; 2 of Australia’s consumer watchdogs.

The Labor’s MP Ed Husic said,“These firms should have cooperated and been prepared to be more open and transparent about their pricing approaches. In what’s probably the first time anywhere in the world, these IT firms are now being summoned by the Australian Parliament to explain why they price their products so much higher in Australia compared to the US. Adobe, Apple and Microsoft are just a few firms that have continually defied the public’s call for answers and refused to appear before the IT Pricing Inquiry.

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He continued by saying that some estimates indicate that the prices quoted in Australia are even as high as 60% more than U.S. prices.

The CEO of Australia’s consumer watchdog choice said ,”Australians are waking up to the fact that we are being ripped off”.


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One Response to “Australian government wants Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to explain about prices”
  1. slugbug55 says:

    I’d like to know why people line up at the Apple store to buy all that overpriced stuff.

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