Avalanche Studios “PlayStation 4 will out-power most PCs for years to come”

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The co-founder and CTO of Avalanche Studios, Linus Bloomberg  showed his excitement and optimism about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 which was announced during last month in Sony’s NY event. But many would consider his optimism as over-confidence as he said that it will out-power most PCs for years to come.

During an interview which he gave on Game Bolt, he admitted that consoles desperately need a boost as it has been overtaken in terms of PCs performance many years ago and also seem to be loosing its foothold further all thanks to mobile platforms.

He added,“It’s a perfect fit for the types of games we do, and we are confident that we’ll bring open-world gaming to a whole new level because of it. I’m glad Sony decided to go with 8GB RAM because it means that the PS4 will out-power most PC’s for years to come.”

Many would disagree the comments in regards to memory requirement when it comes to PC gaming (for now). Since Linus made an impression that the amount of memory is important, one can pick up an 8GB kit for a pretty decent price.

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As one would expect, many criticized, ridiculed and even questioned Linus’ statement made in the interview and as a result he clarified himself via Twitter, well, sort of.

He said what he was trying to say was “most” PCs, where he doesn’t clearly (and conveniently)  point towards standard non-pc systems which is usually using in office or for generic uses. But he did clarify that wasn’t referring to memory count, but said that he was talking about Sony’s move to use GDDR5 for low latencies.

Of course, to know if PlayStation 4 can seriously benefit from this where one game studios’ co-founder could make such a claim is yet to be seen, irrespective of the fact that many would disagree without much of a thought.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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6 Responses to “Avalanche Studios “PlayStation 4 will out-power most PCs for years to come””
  1. This is the problem: having a computer to be considered high-end (aka play everything that comes at max settings) costs about $1200 if you build it, minus the cost of the screen. A PS4, if I reckon correctly has 8GB GDDR5 video (compared to the PC ones that are 2-3-4GB, also ranging in cost from $400 to $900 per piece) and an eight-core processor. I know that no game right not on PC uses more than 4 cores, but still: cost-wise it would be a no-brainer to go for a PS4, that could cost $500-$600 after a few weeks after release instead of $1200+ for a PC. I see that now the parts industry is fucking over someone, and many people on PC will be mad to hear that something like the new PS4 has pieces in it that cost thousands for a PC (only 8GB video cards are made by PNY and cost $4000+, used by CAD people).

    • 8GB of VRAM servers no functional purpose on a PC. Triple screen gaming needs only 1-3GB depending on the game and screen res and you can pick up 3GB cards for $300. Not to mention that the PS4 graphics don’t even have the GPU horsepower to effectively take advantage of the 8GB of VRAM.

      • You obviously never played Crysis 3 at max on dual-screen, that is when if you have anything below 3GB it starts moving visibly slower, pretty much under 20fps.

        • why would you play Crysis 3 on dual screens anyway, the bezel would cut right down the crosshair. The only time you should play multi screens is on 3 otherwise it looks retarded. And yes Crysis 3 is one game, the MAJORITY of games running on 3 screens at max use less than 3GB.

    • You do realize that it is 8GB of RAM shared for the ENTIRE system right? Graphics cards often have 2 or 3GB of memory but that is purely dedicated for graphics. I have a 2GB graphics card but 16GB more for the system RAM, and my computer isn’t even insanely expensive. You don’t seem to realize that the specs so far for the PS4 are literally just low end PC specs, the only difference being that the PS4 has a single, shared pool of RAM. This only really makes it easier to program for; it does not have more RAM than modern PCs. The PS4 is pretty much just a more efficient layout, but it is still absolute crap compared to any ‘gaming’ PC, even in the same price range as the PS4 itself. By the way, the only reason why the RAM on the PS4 is referred to as VRAM is because it is of the same type as modern graphics cards (GDDR5), which is faster than DDR3, but both the CPU and GPU on the PS4 are only low-mid end hardware even today.

  2. Wayne says:

    The next time this Linus character opens his mouth should be to change feet.

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