Average global internet speeds rose 25% over the last year

/ 5 years ago

According to a recent study Global Internet speeds have increase a healthy 25% based on the year-on-year figures. The global average is 25%, so depending on what region you reside in you may have seen more or less of an improvement. For example Finland saw a massive 38% increase, ending up at a 6.7 megabit average whilst Hong Kong saw only a 1.3% increase with 9.3 megabits.

The USA ranks 12th with an average speed of just 6.7 Mbps although speeds did increase by 29 percent over the past year. The title of fastest peak Internet connection speed goes to Hong Kong at 49.3 Mbps with all-around winner South Korea trailing behind at 47.8 Mbps. The USA ranked higher here than they did in the average speed at 28.7 Mbps – 8th place.

60 percent of US residents have a connection speed of 4 Mbps or higher while only 15 percent have net connections of 10 Mbps or higher. If you look at the USA’s internet connections by state, Delaware comes in first place with an average measured connection speed of 10.2 Mbps. New Hampshire, Vermont, District of Columbia and Utah round out the top five with average speeds of 9.4 Mbps, 9.1 Mbps, 8.9 Mbps and 8.5 Mbps, respectively.

If you look at Mobile Internet speeds then Germany leads the way, its best mobile provider gives 5976 Kbps while the fastest American speed was 2515 Kbps. America trails way behind other nations on the mobile internet average too.


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