Avid Releasing Free Version of Pro Tools

/ 3 years ago

pro tools first

Considered the premier audio recording and editing software, Pro Tools is getting a free version, called Pro Tools First, developer Avid has announced. Pro Tools 11, the latest iteration of the program, usually retails for £478 ($699), which can be prohibitively expensive for amateur musicians, so the free version is likely to cheer budding producers, and, Avid would hope it will reduce piracy of the software.

Here comes the catch: Pro Tools First is a streamlined version of the software, removing many of the more advanced audio tools and limiting users to three cloud projects only. If you want more cloud storage, or the ability to store locally, you have to pay for the full version.

Avid must be hoping that those first three songs you produce will shoot you to mega-stardom, and that you’ll upgrade to Pro Tools 11 soon after.

Source: KitGuru

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