Back to Karkand Release Dates revealed

/ 6 years ago


DICE and EA have confirmed the arrival date for the “Back to Karkand” expansion pack that was part of the Limited Edition version of Battlefield 3. Per EA’s deal with Sony, the PlayStation 3 will be getting it first on December 6th , while Xbox 360 and PC players will have to wait till December 13th.

If you didn’t happen to latch onto one of those “Limited Edition” versions of Battlefield 3, it is going to cost $15, or 1,200 Microsoft points, to buy it as DLC.

Source: Fudzilla


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  1. I should just have my new rig set up by then,jumping from an asus crosshair 2 to 5 plus my 1st ssd.Im hoping to see some some performance gains

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