Back to the Future II “Pit Bull” Hoverboard listing on eBay

/ 5 years ago


Whether you love it or hate it, the Back to the Future collection is a massive hit and rightly so with the internet world turning to memes about how the world has only 2 years to make hoverboards a reality. Well it seems that reality is here, in a roundabout kind of way with the original “Pit Bull” hoverboard appearing on US auction site eBay.

Branded as the Back to the Future 2 Griff Tannen “Pit Bull” hoverboard, it comes in with a stonking buy it now price of $12,995 US Dollars but you’re also welcome to make an offer if you haven’t quite got that much disposable income, though the seller will still charge you $79.99 in shipping costs to mainland USA and $99.99 for international FedEx economy shipping if wanting to buy from the UK.

The underside features two vaccu-form anti-gravity plates, and there is some damage to the prop as expected with a piece of nostalgia dating back over 20 years and the rear foot pad component is missing from the top of the board.

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The listing clearly states that it’s the original, though don’t expect it to fly as it purely is a prop but is classed as extremely rare. The board is made from wood, resin and metal and measures in at 26″ long and includes a Hollywood PARTS Certificate of Authenticity.

Why not check out the eBay listing yourself and maybe make an offer? The seller can only say yes or no, and you may be lucky enough to get your hands on something that changed the face of futuristic movies for all of us in one way or another.

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One Response to “Back to the Future II “Pit Bull” Hoverboard listing on eBay”
  1. Mike says:

    Awesome. I wanna buy it and save it for the day when we finally do have “hover” technology (whatever that means) and then equip it with it. I see the seller wanted the low price of only $10,000 for it and it didn’t sell, so maybe he’ll reconsider and let me have it for a lower price. Say, $100? 😉

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