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One Hour of Gameplay Footage From Baldurs Gate 3 is Released

All going well, the highly-anticipated Baldurs Gate 3 should be released at some point (or at least in some form) before the end of this year. If you are, therefore, a huge fan of this franchise and want some clue as to what the long-overdue sequel may represent, then you’re in luck!

Following the release of a new gameplay video, we now have over an hour of in-game footage to digest, and, based on what we can see here, this new addition to the franchise is looking like a very worthy successor!

Baldurs Gate 3

Being shown through a live-stream event, it was somewhat unique as it allowed the people watching it to vote on what action would be taken during the gameplay. While showing the video, however, the developer (Larian Studios) was keen to highlight some of the newly revealed features and changes made from the prior build. These included:

  • The narrator that will lead players through the game has changed to present tense/second-person narration.
  • Changes to the initiative system. Previous gameplay showed the side initiative, which has evolved over the past month. You can group together characters with similar individual initiative automatically, allowing the player to try out combinations and align their attack in a group initiative system. Other characters and enemies will have individual initiative
  • Vincke showed the inspiration system for the first time. Inspiration points will allow the player to reroll one of their dice. This is a very valuable asset as the roll of the dice decides over life and death. Players receive these points as a reward for finding special solutions during the playthrough.
  • Reactivity to the player character: During the gameplay, Vincke played as a custom character elf, which showcased how the world reacts to who you are and — more importantly — which decision you have made in the past.

When Will It Be Released?

Although pending nailed-on confirmation, it is hoped that Baldurs Gate 3 will be able to initially release on PC (via Early Access) around August this year. Although no indication has been made as to when the final release will be made (which will include next-gen consoles), if you were planning to play this on PC anyway, then within the next few months, hopefully, you’ll be able to finally sink your teeth into this (seemingly amazing) game!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Baldurs Gate 3? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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