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Ballistix Sport 32GB (2 x 16GB) 2666 MHz DDR4 Memory Kit Review

Performance Benchmarks


Our first bench and so far a very good score, beating out two other 3000 MHz kit with ease.

Pushing up the clocks did give the other kits an advantage, but the Ballistix did manage an impressive 3000 MHz, although slightly lowered the scores in Cinebench; we’re not sure why, but multiple tests gave basically the same results as it did at XMP.


Read and write performance is pretty much where we expected it to be, although copy was a little behind but still far from being an issue.

Once overclocked, the kit saw huge improvements across the board. Read increased by over 5000 MB/s, write by over 10000 MB/s, and copy by almost 4000 MB/s.

Memory latency was nice and quick, beating out two other kits, although not quite as snappy as the T-Force, but that’s hardly surprising.

Pushing the overclocks did improve latency speeds quite a bit, but the order remains the same.

SiSoft Sandra

Memory bandwidth performance in SiSoft is very good overall, it is a little slower than the other kits, but it’s about where we would expect it to be given the specifications.

Overclocking had no impact on the Integer performance, but did bring up the Aggregate and Float by 3 GB/s, which is a pretty significant improvement.


Again we’re seeing this kit perform as we expected, solid numbers throughout this test too.

Overclocking did manage to reduce the WPrime time a little, but not by a huge margin. Of course, if you’re overclocking and benchmarking for high scores, every little counts.

3DMark Fire Strike

Impressive, the kit benched a time that was pretty close to the T-Force, which was operating at much higher speeds.

Overclocking did leave the Ballistix 32GB behind here, as scores lowered slightly in this test. We can’t figure out why this happened, but it does seem its holding back a little in rendering applications. It’s still a good score, though, so take this with a tiny pinch of salt.

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Peter Donnell

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