Ballmer’s Wealth Grows By Nearly $1 Billion Just From Quitting

/ 5 years ago


Forbes reports that outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has managed to increase his personal wealth by a staggering $0.789 billion simply by announcing his retirement from the company. When Steve Ballmer announced his departure from Microsoft shares in the company rose by about 10% in a very short period, eventually levelling out to around a 7.5% increase. Ballmer currently owns 333.252 million shares in Microsoft. In March 2013 his net worth was around $15.2 billion and now that has risen to $17.2 billion, up 13%. The majority of that rise is thanks to share price rises.

After the dust had settled on the announcement Steve Ballmer now finds himself $789 million richer. Forbes notes that if he had not of sold 75 million shares back in November 2010 he probably would of come a lot closer to that $1 billion mark. Who would have known retirement could have been so profitable?!

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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One Response to “Ballmer’s Wealth Grows By Nearly $1 Billion Just From Quitting”
  1. Bruce Epper says:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone anywhere. It is common for an outgoing CEO to rake in the bucks. Hell, I have seen the entire board of directors as well as top level executives get millions in bonuses for driving a company completely into the ground.

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