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Bandai Namco Shows 20+ Minutes of Code Vein Gameplay

Footage from the Hong Kong Anime-Comics-Game Expo 2018

Fans awaiting Code Vein‘s release were disappointed three weeks ago with the news of the game’s delay. It is initially ready for a September 28 launch. However, that has now been pushed all the way to early 2019. Code Vein of course, draws inspiration from the popular Dark Souls franchise. The game follows the character Vein with vampire-like abilities as he fights demonic creatures. Reception has been extremely positive so far from the press, with hands-on gameplay available at E3 2018 and Anime Expo this year.

To tide fans over the long wait, Bandai Namco has shown more than 20 minutes of gameplay footage. This was done at the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2018 event over the weekend. The video of which is now available at the PlayStation HK YouTube page. The announcement itself is over an hour long and is in Japanese and Chinese language. For fans of the game however, they can just enjoy the visuals.

Since the video is quite long, here are some interesting points of reference for Code Vein fans:

  • 00:16:15: Cut Scene
  • 00:22:00: Boss Battle 1
  • 00:36:15: Boss Battle 2

Why is Bandai Namco Delaying Code Vein’s Release?

According to the company, the decision to delay the title is due to the positive feedback they have been receiving. Apparently, the company believes that fan expectations are much higher than they initially anticipated. VP of marketing Eric Hartness states that they need time to “further refine its gameplay”.

Ron Perillo

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