Bathys Atomic Watch To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

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Bathys are a boutique watchmaker based in Kauai, Hawaii and is run by one seriously determined man. Their Cesium 133 atomic watch was first announced back in October and while is may be a little chunky, the idea of having a super accurate atomic watch is just too cool a conversation starter to pass up on. Now that they’ve tinkered with the development of their atomic watch, the company say they’ll be heading to a a popular crowdfunding website very soon.

Using a Symmetricom SA.45s CSAC atomic clock on a chip to power a standard quartz face salvaged from an older Bathys model, the watch is said to be accurate for a very, very, very long time. Bathys have been known for making watches that appear to surfers, nice designs and generally water proof. It’s a far cry from their new design which is to say the least quite chunky, but it is still early days for the model and design and perhaps that could change over time as the watch is still very much a work in progress.

ABlogToWatch estimates that the piece will cost $8,000 or so when complete with discounts offered to early adopters, but of course that could all change depending on the popularity and the final design of the watch body. If you need a time piece that is going to stay accurate over a long period of time, then this may be the ultimate watch to own, plus it’s just cool to say you have an atomic watch.


Thank you Bathys for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Bathys.

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