Batman: Arkham Origins Will Have Multiplayer According to Sources

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According to two un-named sources, the next entry in the Batman: Arkham series will contain at least one multiplayer mode.

Arkham Origins is a prequel that was announced a few weeks ago, and will be the third game in the franchise. If these rumors are correct, it’ll be the very first time for a game to have any kind of multiplayer at all.

This information comes from the tipster that also leaked details in early March. He claimed the game would be called “Batman Origins” and that the setting would be a snowy Christmas. It turned out to be true after Game Informer’s April cover confirmed it.

Warner Bros. has declined to comment on any of this, standard protocol. Kotaku was able to to reach out to a number of industry sources and another one said the same thing. The only details they shared was at least one section of the multiplayer has you playing as Joker or Bane’s gang members, while you attempt to take down Batman & Robin.

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All this is still speculation though, but seeing how they were correct on details before, we’ll chalk this up in the plausible column.

It’ll be interesting to see what WB Montreal will be able to do. There’s many not-so-optimistic fans out there since Rocksteady won’t be at the helm. Arkham Origins is schedules for release October 25th on PS3, 360 and Wii U.


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One Response to “Batman: Arkham Origins Will Have Multiplayer According to Sources”
  1. Wayne says:

    I couldn’t care less about the multiplayer mode. I just hope it’s as good, if not better than the previous titles.

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