Batman Vs Superman Teaser Trailer Leaked!?

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Real or Fake? That’s the question right now. A trailer has appeared online appearing to show a teaser trailer for the new Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film. Now there are several reasons to believe this trailer and think it’s the real deal but there are also reasons to think it’s a huge fake.

Reasons to think it’s real:

The revealing of this trailer is timed very closely to Comic Con 2014 so maybe they leaked it on purpose to get some hype?

A description of the trailer that was going to be shown at comic con was released two weeks ago. The trailer that has been leaked matches the description perfectly.

Reasons to think it’s fake:

The trailer shows the Legendary Pictures logo briefly even though Legendary Picture gave up their rights for the film. They swapped a producer role on Dawn of Justice for a producer role on Interstellar.

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Someone could of made the trailer based off of the description released two weeks ago to make it seem real.

The quality is ridiculously bad, could be on purpose to cover up errors.

Check out this Machinima video that covers all the pros and cons of this alleged teaser trailer.


I for one am a bit skeptical but nobody knows until it’s proven fake or not at Comic Con 2014 later this month!

So what do you all think? The real thing or a mahoosive fake? Let us know.

Thanks to Machinima for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Curtofilmes.

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