Battlefield 1 Battlefest: Revolution Event Starts September 19

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Battlefield 1 Battlefest: Revolution Event Starts September 19

To celebrate the launch of their latest ‘In the Name of the Tsar’ DLC, Battlefield 1 is hosting the Battlefest: Revolution event. During September 19th through the 30th, the DLC is available completely for free. This lets players try it out and enjoy it for two weeks before buying. This update brings four new maps including Lupkow Pass, Albion, Galicia, Brusilov Keep, Volga River and Tsaritsyn. It also adds an exciting supply drop game mode, letting players fight over resources dropped by planes. Moreover, DICE is adding female characters fitting the timeline and setting. This also includes 11 new Russian-themed weapons, vehicles including the Ilya-Muromets Heavy Bomber, and a powerful new stationary weapon.

Share Battlefield Moments and Win Prizes

Battlefield 1 Battlefest: Revolution Event Starts September 19

In addition to the celebration, DICE wants players to capture their favorite moments and share them via video. Doing so will qualify players for entry to win three HDR Samsung monitors. Why HDR? Well, the latest update from DICE just happens to bring new HDR support on all PC and console platforms as well. This improves the visuals even further if you have a monitor that supports it. By September 30, you just might if your Battlefield 1 video is one of the top three most popular.

The first place winner gets a Samsung 49-inch HDR display worth $1499 USD. The second place gets a 32-inch HDR monitor, while the 3rd place gets a 27-inch HDR display. DICE will be selecting 12 winners in total to win various prize packs.

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