Battlefield 3: Aftermath teased on Reddit, puts a crossbow in your hands

/ 5 years ago

Battlefield 3 is currently one of the biggest first-person shooters out, and it ain’t even finished with you yet. There are multiple DLC packs coming out for it, with a few already released. Aftermath is one of the DLC packs coming, but we haven’t heard much on it until now.

A Reddit-exclusive image has popped up onto the site, which was a timed exclusive for the site, showing off something that should keep gamers excited for a while: the use of a crossbow. “crash7800” is the site’s BF3 Community Manager who teased in a post “quake environment, survivors are modifying weapons what they get their hands on to work. The crossbow is one example, but vehicles will see more of this kind of treatment as well… :D”.

If that doesn’t get you excited about Aftermath, then I don’t know what to say.

Source: Reddit

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