Battlefield 3 Armored Kill finally gets a release date

/ 5 years ago

DICE have finally given the public some information about when to expect the new DLC “Armored Kill”. According to DICE the DLC pack will be released in the early days of September and towards the end of September for the non-Premium members aka everyone else.

The vehicle orientated expansion pack for the popular FPS shooter will get released on September 4th for Playstation 3 Premium members and September 11th for Xbox 360 and PC Premium members. The same spacing applies for the non-Premium members. PlayStation 3 again gets it early on September the 18th whilst Xbox 360 and PC get it September the 25th.

The Armored Kill DLC will include 4 maps designed for vehicle warfare, with one of them being the largest in Battlefield history. It will also include new vehicles, vehicle unlocks and a game mode called Tank Superiority. DICE has also stated that a patch will be released alongside the DLC.

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