Battlefield 3 leaked to torrent websites

/ 6 years ago

Battlefield 3 is probably the most anticipated blockbuster of this year, more so than Crysis 2 was and yet it finds itself in the same boat where it has been leaked to torrent websites way before the release date which is the 25th of October in the USA and the 28th of October in Europe. The source of the leak is not directly known but it is assumed to have come from a retailer. The leaked version of the game is a hefty 9.95GB in size and will allow you to play the whole way through the single player campaign.

However, pirated copies will not be able to access multiplayer so you could argue that the single player torrented version provides a taster to players and encourages them to buy the game if they want multiplayer access. Which ultimately can only help sales of Battlefield 3 since like most FPS games the major selling point is the up to 64 player multiplayer with a whole host of vehicles and stunning DX 11 powered graphics.


  • Miguel_ed7

    where can i dounload LOL