Battlefield 3 Open Beta: the numbers

/ 6 years ago

EA and DICE just released the statistics from the Battlefield 3 open beta which, judging by the number of shots fired, seems to have been a great success.

With a total of 8,125,310 users that participated into the beta, people obviously couldn’t wait to give it a go. Approximate numbers were given out to show us about what went on during the beta period as well as the extent of the gameplay.

As a result 47 billion shots were fired although 19 million people “lost their dog tags at the end of a knife and the longest headshot recorded is from a distance of 635.6 meters. A total of 1.5 billion kills were registered while 2.2 billion regenerated health were provided, thanks to the assault troopers.

All of this man and fire power resulted in 21 million M-Com stations destroyed, good job troopers.

So that’s over 8 million for the beta, how much is it going to be when the final game is released?


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