Battlefield 4 Beta due in Autumn 2013

/ 5 years ago

In traditional EA fashion, they certainly are not rushing to get the next instalment of Battlefield 3 to the shelves. Unlike the rapidly degrading in quality Call of Duty franchise, which chucks out a new game every year without fail, the next beta of Battlefield 4 will arrive in Autumn 2013 meaning the finished product, Battlefield 4, will arrive at the end of 2013 – 2 years after Battlefield 3 was formally released.

EA has been tight lipped about Battlefield 4 details. We do know that if you pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter for $69.99 on Origin that you will be entitled to exclusive Battlefield 4 beta access. This seems like a genius way of EA using a highly successful franchise, Battlefield, to revive a somewhat ailing franchise, Medal of Honor, but a $69.99 the price tag is almost criminal. EA’s president seemed to think that more people should be interested in Medal of Honor that enjoy Battlefield since they both currently share the same Frostbite game engine.

However, with nothing of substance to really talk about when it comes to Battlefield 4, lets just hope that it will be a nice step up from Battlefield 3 rather than just a reskinned game with new maps and guns (cough, Call of Duty anyone?). As far as the beta goes it would be nice to see EA offer an open beta for Battlefield 4 like they did with Battlefield 3.

More details about the the Medal of Honor “sponsored” Battlefield 4 Beta can be found here.



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