Battlefield 4 Final Stand Revealed to Come with an Exploit to Catch Cheaters

/ 3 years ago


DICE has recently revealed that the latest DLC for Battlefield 4, Final Stand, has an exploit intentionally left in the game by the development team. The company explained that they inserted the exploit in order to catch cheaters and proceed in banning them from the game.

“With Final Stand, we had that change in there, and there were a significant amount of players hit with the ban hammer, because they were using that cheat we knew about”. – DICE

It looks like DICE is experimenting with their own anti-cheat system in order to catch cheaters, having this be a test run for what’s to come. Though it revealed it to be very effective, “there are cheats out there that we don’t know about — we can’t find them all”. Battlefield 4 currently has two anti-cheat systems, PunkBuster and Fairfight. Despite the heavy anti-cheat protection, cheaters still manage to hide in the game.

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DICE is said to also have a dedicated staff team members looking into the Battlelog, hoping to catch more cheaters and ban them in the near future.

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One Response to “Battlefield 4 Final Stand Revealed to Come with an Exploit to Catch Cheaters”
  1. COMMICZAR says:

    I fail to see the attraction in cheating to gain an advantage anywhere, In a game even more pointless , Hope they throw them all out then our small victories will be earned and appreciated,,

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