Battlefield 4 News At Tonights Xbox Event

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DICE just can’t contain their excitement and with Microsoft’s event just hours away they have let slip that there will be some Battlefield 4 news very soon. Of course by very soon they mean today and by today, they mean at the Microsoft event and this will likely be EA’s big reveal at the event and one that is likely to put Microsoft on firm ground with hardcore FPS fans.

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According to industry sources that announcement is definitely today and while it’s a little sneaky that DICE have let the cat out of the bag on this one, we expect to see a lot of these teasers throughout the course of today as everyone involved will want to make sure that as many gamers and potential customers are watching the event, otherwise whats the point in having a show in the first place.

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There is plenty of speculation about this reveal, it could just be something from the games multiplayer, or it could be exclusive Xbox content for the game, either way it’s going to be worth tuning in as both Call of Duty and Battlefield on the same bill should make for something truly spectacular.

Well keep you posted on further developments on the Xbox event throughout the day, be sure to check back for all the latest.

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