Battlefield 4 Tastes High Tickrate

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Battlefield 4 arguably had the most ‘disastrous’ launch we have witnessed till now. Game was shipped uncooked it absolutely damaged player’s trust on DICE’s capability and lost faith in EA. They also celebrated ‘Player Appreciation Month’ almost 3 months after the launch to cover up the mess that DICE Stockholm made. The players suffered severe server and client crashes, choppy frame rates, poor netcode. Almost a year after the launch, DICE LA took over and Community Test Environment (CTE) was launched. It was basically a Battlefield 4 environment where involved players can help in testing new features, improved/changed content and provide constructive feedback. It is only for players with premium membership. It smoked a new life into the game as patches, netcode fixes, weapon balances took place. Since the introduction of CTE, the game’s condition is improved.

Yesterday, probably the best thing to the Battlefield franchise happened. DICE LA with support from Visceral Netcode research team started testing high tickrate servers that was said to be impossible previously for a game like Battlefield. There are 2 servers up running at 60Hz and 120Hz tickrate. This means that the time delay between receiving damage and shooting animation is non-existent. This change is not going to be in the retail version (non CTE) of the game anytime soon as these changes impacts the performance of the server. DICE LA can’t confirm if it is ever going to leave CTE.

It will be amazing for players participating in competitive matches. We hope that it eventually makes the way to the retail version. DICE LA is doing great job with Battlefield 4. They are even giving away all the future content of BF4 for free as seen hereLet us know your views in comment section.

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