Battlefield 4 to be Revealed on March 26th

/ 5 years ago


The past few days have seen some rumours and leaked images about various aspects of the new Battlefield 4 game. Following that EA and DICE have officially confirmed that they will be revealing Battlefield 4 to the world on March the 26th (2013) at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference event.

To get people in the mood EA and DICE have released a  “teaser” image about Battlefield 4 – as seen above. We knew about the existence of Battlefield 4 since the release of Battlefield 3 when EA implied they would be undertaking more-regular releases of the Battlefield series. Battlefield 4 is sure to be anticipated by millions after the success of the Battlefield 3 game which has been somewhat sustained by the constant supply of DLC and support from EA/DICE.

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In addition to the teaser image EA and DICE have also sent out invitations to select individuals to invite them to the upcoming press event. We don’t really know much more than that about the upcoming release from EA so you’ll have to hang on until the 26th March for more details. If this has got you in the mood for Battlefield then Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 will have to keep you occupied for the time being.

With that said how many of you are actually excited for the release of Battlefield 4? Did you enjoy Battlefield 3? Are you looking for Battlefield 4 to be similar to Battlefield 3 or radically different? Let us know what you think!


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3 Responses to “Battlefield 4 to be Revealed on March 26th”
  1. Airborne says:


  2. Shinon says:

    I really enjoyed battlefield3. But.. with the release of “battlefield premier” or w.e I kind of decided.. no. i don’t want your DLC now. Like, Its good value, yeah, But it just hate what it stands for.

    Regardless, I feel like im not done with BF3 yet. so a BF4 isnt too appealing to me.

    • Battlefield Premium 🙂 and yes I agree, I more or less stopped playing BF3 after they released Battlefield Premium. Total con and gives players that bought it the advantage of having more guns, maps and attachments to choose from. There have literally been so many DLC that I only have about 20% of the maps even thought I have the original BF3 and Back to Karkand

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