Battlefield 4 Video Reveals Weapon Customisation Options

/ 4 years ago


DICE have unveiled a new video about Battlefield 4 over on its YouTube channel revealing the available weapon customisation options that gamers will  be able to choose from. There will be an absolute tonne of options to choose from and in total there are 240,000 unique combinations. There is the ability to choose; optic, accessory, barrel, underbarrel and paint. Interestingly as you configure these it changes the performance of your weapon which is clearly indicated over on the right hand side. This is something Battlefield 3 didn’t really have and it’s nice to see a visual representation of what the relevant attachments do to the particular characteristics of the weapons.

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You should definitely check out the video below if you’re interested. Battlefield 4 is released on October 29th for all platforms North America and November 1st for all platforms in Europe.


Image courtesy of DICE/EA (YouTube)

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