Battlefield V Performance – Fastest AMD and Nvidia Cards Tested

Final Thoughts

How Much Does it Cost?

Battlefield V is launching today for those who ordered the Deluxe Edition. However, the full commercial release is on the 19th of November. You can play it on Origin for PC, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for around £49.99 for the standard edition.


The game is visually impressive, as all Battlefield games typically are. When it comes to GPU performance, the game seems pretty well optimised even before launch, and will no doubt improve with new GPU drivers and future patches to the game too. Even if you’re running an older GPU, you can still high some good frame rates at decent visual settings too. Of course, if you’re gaming at higher resolutions, on higher refresh rate monitors, or both, you’re going to want a faster GPU.

Right now, it seems AMD just fall too short for the high-performance gamers on this title. The VEGA cards launched over a year ago now, and properly new AMD cards (excluding the affordable RX590) may not be with us until the new year. Nvidia cards, they’re very capable and while we only tested the 1080 Ti from the older cards, the GTX 1080 and 1070 Ti will no doubt deliver strong performance too up to 1440p at high refresh rates.

The Game

We honestly haven’t had much time to really play it yet. It’s a great looking game, and the versatile multiplayer feels more alive than the Battlefield 1 online modes did. There’s a lot to come, and we can’t wait for the launch to see bigger player numbers and really get stuck into it. For now, though, I’m going to get back to the RTX 2080 Ti build and give the singleplayer campaign a more thorough going through. Wish me luck!

Ray Tracing

Where are the Ray Tracing results? Well, we can’t test that yet, unfortunately. Furthermore, the only Ray Tracing demo we have is the Star Wars Elevator demo and which looks and performs great. What impact that feature will have on Battlefield is something we’re eager to test. While Nvidia had the GPUs out on time, Microsoft really fudged their Windows 10 update schedule, and DirectX RT is still held up but expected any time now. We’ll re-test with RT enabled as soon as physically possible and compare that to our results recorded here today.

4K Video Testing

Andy set up a system that’s very similar to mine, so while his results will be close, they won’t be the same. However, it never hurts to see another run through the game. Check out his video below to see the game in action and, of course, let us know what you think below!

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Peter Donnell @Xavilend

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