Battlefield V RTX On Vs RTX Off Performance Tested



The RTX cards all delivered some exceptional performance with RTX off. That’s a no-brainer, they’re some of the fastest GPUs in the world, paired with the fastest gaming CPU in the world, in a high-end motherboard, etc. However, once we enabled ray tracing, things were very different. The performance was more than cut in half immediately, with only the RTX 2080 Ti managing to score above 60 FPS, although the RTX 2080 performance was more than playable too. Averages were +/- 10 FPS with RTX off, and more like +/- 5 FPS with it on in all resolutions and tests.

1080 Ray Tracing


Moving up to 1440p really put the head on all the cards even with RT turned off, but all still delivered every playable frame rates regardless. With RT enabled though, even the 2080 Ti struggled to hit a solid 60 FPS, however, a few minor settings tweaks would no doubt get that over the hurdle easily enough. The RTX 2070 settled around 30 FPS, which is what we call cinematic, but not gamer friendly.

1440p Ray Tracing


This is where it all falls to bits, with all cards scoring quite low FPS. Don’t get me wrong, the fidelity and the reflections look staggeringly beautiful, but the performance just isn’t there. I did play other scenes with the 2080 Ti and in the tank scene, and sniper, it was much closer to 55-58 FPS, but expect it to dip down in this snowy and busy environments.

2160p Ray Tracing

Dial Everything Up to Ultra Ray Tracing 4K OMG!

Well, it would have been rude not to. Again, it did look amazing, but I don’t think there was much of any noticeable shift from High to Ultra, other than a loss of FPS of course.

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Peter Donnell

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