BBC iPlayer To be Discontinued For Non UK Residents

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Since 2011, BBC has offered subscriptions to an international version of its iPlayer streaming service. The iPlayer Global service from BBC was being offered in 16 countries (including Canada). Although it never made its way to US and stopped all the expansion in 2013, just 2 years after the launch. It is considered to be a really good option for public broadcaster’s shows is still its cousin BBC America, which has significantly reduced the airing gap of new episodes of shows like Doctor Who.

We would like to thank all of our subscribers for using the service. We are now developing plans to launch new digital services across multiple devices.

A worldwide iPlayer product is not required because popular shows like Top Gear and Luther are in development for a US remake on Fox and companies like Hulu, Amazon’s Instant Video and Netflix snapping up the streaming rights to many UK series.

This tweet or post might sound a little confusing, but what it means is that the last day you’ll be able to access the service is whenever your subscription ends within that month-long period and all downloaded episodes will stop working at the same time. They mentioned that a new digital services are currently being developed. However, iPlayer in the UK isn’t affected.

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Are you an active user of this service? Do you support BBC’s decision to try something new? Let us know in the comment section.

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One Response to “BBC iPlayer To be Discontinued For Non UK Residents”
  1. Óðhinn says:

    This sucks. It’s the only way to watch old Doctor Who episodes in Canada. There is no Amazon Instant Video or Hulu in Canada, and Netflix in Canada only carries about 2 episodes of the classic Doctor Who series. I’ve been enjoying the early episodes of Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer, but I’ve been told today is the last day it it will be offered. I’m disappointed BBC. Unlike many apps I’ve downloaded over the past few years, the iPlayer was an app I liked to use regularly

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