be quiet! Dark Base 700 Chassis Review

/ 3 months ago

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A Closer Look – Exterior

First impressions of the Dark Base 700 are positive. The chassis has a pretty hefty weight to it, although, with some of the thicker aluminium panels on the market, and a substantial tempered glass side panel, that’s expected. There’s a dark tint to the window too, which hides the all-black interior but should show off hardware components and lighting well.

The window is held in place by four small aluminium thumb screws on rubber coated pegs, making it easy to access and secure.

Front Panel

The front panel is a nice big chunk of brushed aluminium, and it looks stunning. The near jet black finish is impressive too, as most black aluminium is usually a bit more reflective, but this one is relatively stealthy. Although the front panel doesn’t open up, it is packed with noise dampening material and dust filters. Instead, airflow is drawn in from the side ventilation.

The front I/O is nicely designed. It features a pair of USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type C connector. They’re all finished in black too, making them blend in really nicely. The power button is prominently in the middle, and there’s a front panel lighting control button also. On the left, there’s a four-speed fan controller, which hooks up to a six-port hub on the interior.

The right side panel is a thick blank panel, lined with heavy duty noise dampening on the interior. There’s also a lot more ventilation towards the front, helping provide airflow to front mounted fans/radiators.

Around the Back

Around the back, all the basics are present. Here you can find the motherboard I/O, a pre-installed 140mm fan, and seven ventilated expansion slots.

There’s some added passive ventilation towards the top. The ventilation will prevent warm air from pooling in the top of the chassis.

All of the expansion slots come fitted with reusable metal covers. However, there are also two vertical expansion slots and ideal for those who want to install a GPU vertically. However, you’ll need to provide a riser cable to do so.

The top panel is stealthy black just like the front but has some lovely offset ventilation too. This indirect airflow is excellent for heat exhaust from any top mounted cooling while maintaining the clean look of the chassis.

On the base, you’ll find four huge feet that provide excellent stability and ground clearance. Airflow within the chassis can benefit from a large dust filter for the PSU, and any base mounted cooling.

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