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be quiet! Dark Power 12 (850W) Power Supply Review


Coming as an 80-Plus Titanium rated power supply, this is, in terms of efficiency, as good as it can possibly get under current standards. Who are we to take be quiet!’s word for it though? – Alas though, if you were hoping that things would get off to a rocky start (albeit, we have no idea why) then you’re set to be disappointed… Or maybe pleasantly surprised.

Put simply, the be quiet! Dark Power 12 absolutely stormed our efficiency test and is, by a comfortable margin, 100% a Titanium power supply.

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

While the 20% load PFC score is always significantly lower than every else that follows, the big surprise here is that the result here is actually quite high. I can’t honesty recall any other power supply that managed a score this good at such a low wattage output.

This shouldn’t overshadow the fact that, as a whole, the results are excellent, but in terms of low-power requirements, the PFC is much, much, better than anything else I’ve seen from any other PSU I’ve personally encountered (and I encounter a lot of them!).

Voltage Regulation

Consistency is King for the be quiet! Dark Power 12! – While there is a little deviancy in the overall ‘perfect’ score, the results provided are still very good from the standard point that they are all so solid and similar. In a nutshell, no matter how hard you ask this PSU to work, it’s going to deliver the right amount of voltage all the time!

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Mike Sanders

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