be quiet! Light Wings White 120/140mm Fans Review


The RGB performance is pretty much what you would have expected, which is to say it’s great.

The colours are really vibrant, with excellent brightness.

Of course, with the fan blades in white, the looks very nice, but they’re actually opaque so the LED doesn’t light up the blades.

Personally, I like the fact the light stays on the ring, it looks much neater and more controllable in terms of effects.

Plus, with them being fully addressable, you can configure them absolutely any way you like.

there’s a little light around the back too, but mostly the focus is kept on the larger light ring at the front.

be quiet! LW 120 Recorded Fan Speed

  • 50% PWM – 814 RPM
  • 100% PWM – 1578 RPM

be quiet! LW 120 Airflow Performance

  • 50% Fans Speed – 24.11 CFM
  • 100 % Fan Speed – 66.09 CFM

be quiet! LW 120 Acoustic Output

  • 50% – 36 dBA
  • 100% – 39 dBA

be quiet! LW 140 Recorded Fan Speed

  • 50% PWM – 758 RPM
  • 100% PWM – 1434 RPM

be quiet! LW 140 Airflow Performance

  • 50% Fans Speed – 42.19 CFM
  • 100 % Fan Speed – 96.44 CFM

be quiet! LW 140 Acoustic Output

  • 50% – 35 dBA
  • 100% – 39 dBA

Performance Overview

Until our new fan testing results are complete, I’m resorting to a bit of a cheeky screenshot of my spreadsheet. However, as you can see, the overall performance is rather excellent, delivering a good amount of airflow, that may not be as high as the Noctua fans, but overall, at much lower acoustics than the competition too, which is fantastic, no pun intended.

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