Benchmark Leak Suggests Nvidia 4090 is 66% More Powerful than the 3090 Ti

Nvidia is expected to kick off its new 40XX series of graphics cards with the initial launch/release of its new 4090 flagship GPU. Although expected to happen around September/October though, there is currently more than a little doubt as to whether Nvidia may choose to delay the release of the 40XX series slightly due to the fact that current-gen 30XX stock is insanely high at the moment. – Yes, after nearly two years of not being able to get an affordable graphics card, it seems that now they are actually available, consumers don’t want them anymore!

With next-gen models clearly set to offer increased performance gains, however, following a post by reliable leak source ‘@kopite7kimi‘, the upcoming 4090 might be exceptionally more potent than originally thought. – In fact, based on what appear to be leaked benchmark results, it might offer as much as 66% more performance than even the 3090 Ti!

Nvidia 4090 – A Monumentally Huge Leak in Performance?

Now, of course, on the surface of things saying that a next-gen GPU is going to be faster than its last/current-gen equivalent is a bit of a stupid point to raise. It wouldn’t be much of a next-gen upgrade if it wasn’t better after all, right? – Well, in this specific regard, yes and no. You see, it’s been understood for quite a while now that the 3090 Ti was, basically, something of a preamble version of the 4090. In other words, their specifications were going to be pretty similar so, by proxy, would be their performance too. If this information is correct though, well, that theories just been shot out of the water!

With this 4090 sample reportedly achieving circa 19,000 points in 3DMark TimeSpy Extreme, this would have it outscoring the 3090 Ti by circa 66% and its direct ‘last-gen’ equivalent 3090 by just over 82%. – Put simply, if this information is accurate, then the generation-on-generation performance gains, not just for the 4090 but perhaps the entire 40XX series, might be substantially more greater than previously thought.

And if this is true… Well, it makes sense as to why Nvidia might want to delay them. I mean, if the 40XX series is going to be this much better, who the hell is going to want to buy a 30XX anymore?…

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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