BenQ Announces New 27-Inch XL2730T Monitor for FPS Gamers

/ 3 years ago

BenQ_XL2730T front

Continuing presenting the CES 2015 lineup, BenQ has shown off their newest 27-inch monitor aimed directly at First-Person Shooter players. The BenQ XL2730T monitor. The new 27-inch monitor continues what was started with the 24-inch version XL2430T.

The FPS Gaming monitor features Motion Blur Reduction 2.0 technology and Black eQualizer 2.0 to give the smoothest and clearest images for these fast paced shooter games. The monitor is able to automatically adjust the amount of brightness within a range selected by the user that in returns allows players to easier identify targets. The XL2730T also includes the Auto Game Mode that automatically detects and adjusts to the genre being played and a new Game to Go Mode that allows you to save your profiles onto a USB flash drive for the go.

BenQ_XL2730T rear

That was what was presented on official information so far, but we do get some more information from both the predecessor and the images supplied. The XL2730 has built-in USB 3.0 and audio hub and a retractable headphone rest on the side. There is a long list of connections available spanning the entire width of the monitor, but we can’t spot which ones they are.

It also comes with the carrying handle at the top and the round S Switch Arc for easy configuration changes on the fly. We can also assume that it will be a 144Hz monitor with 1ms grey to grey response time. The 24-inch model had a 1080p resolution, but it’s currently unknown if the 27-inch model will increase that to 1444p or stay the same; CES 2015 will tell us more.

Thanks to BenQ for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of BenQ

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One Response to “BenQ Announces New 27-Inch XL2730T Monitor for FPS Gamers”
  1. Bo Pedersen says:

    I have the 24″ version and it is epic, went from a 27″IPS to the XL2430T and my gaming improved instantly.

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