BenQ XL2720Z 27″ Pro Gaming Monitor Launched

/ 4 years ago


BenQ has launched a new 27-inch professional gaming monitor called the XL2720Z. The new monitor incorporates several technologies aiming to enhance your gaming enjoyment including Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management or GROM for short, Motion Blur Reduction technology and Low Blue Light technology. All together BenQ hopes these enhancements will bring you “striking visual clarity, seamless fluidity and great gaming comfort”.

The 27-inch 1080p monitor is specifically targeted towards “competitive FPS game play,” says BenQ. The headlining features of this gaming monitor try to alleviate annoying performance sapping traits of lesser-monitors during fast paced gameplay by reducing motion blur and implementing the patented GROM system while making users more comfortable over extended sessions with flicker-free and Low Blue Light technology.


Black eQualizer settings are BenQ’s profiles for displaying dark shadowy scenes without over-exposing the bright areas “enabling gamers to spot their enemies easily in critical combat and react quickly in any situation”. The XL2720Z also offers a fast response time of 1ms grey-to-grey.

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As well as the gaming orientated hardware features mentioned above BenQ has a Game Mode Loader which enables users to download “special gaming preset calibration used by well-known gamers so you can see what the pros see”.

You can use these presents or customise them and save your own. Presents are also assignable to the ‘S Switch’, a mouse like monitor dongle for quick access (see below). The XL2720Z is also certified as NVIDIA 3D Vision 2-ready with NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology.

The BenQ XL2720Z 27″ Pro Gaming monitor will be available in this month, however a price has yet to be determined.

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8 Responses to “BenQ XL2720Z 27″ Pro Gaming Monitor Launched”
  1. Alistair Hardy says:

    1080P at 27 inches?
    1080 just doesn’t cut it when you get to that size.

    • Skidmarks says:

      It’s no problem. The quality of the monitor counts a lot. I have a 27″ Asus MX279H IPS screen with native 1980×1080 resolution. It’s superb.

  2. Skidmarks says:

    With a 1ms GTG rate I suppose we can assume it’s a TN screen.

  3. Draey says:

    how many HZ ?

  4. SweUnit says:

    You forgot to add that it is based on a TN panel and offers 100, 120, and 144hz refresh rates

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