BeQuiet! Display Their Latest SFX and TFX Power Supplies at CES 2014

/ 4 years ago


Stopping by the Be Quiet suite is always fun at shows, as it normally consists of us having a friendly chat and drinking beer. Alcohol aside, we did stop by to see their latest range of power supplies. As we know, they have always developed some of the latest and greatest PSU’s on the market, but now seem them branching out to SFX and TFX based units.


The SFX model that was being showcased was a 300W with dual 12v rails. An 80 plus bronze efficiency rating comes included and of course being SFX includes a very small footprint.


Also if SFX is still to big of a unit for you, they have developed a TFX power supply for those really craving space. Of course, just like the SFX unit, it comes with braided non-modular cables and a small fan.

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Again, we have a 300W unit with dual 12v rails and an 80 plus bronze efficiency rating.


They had a large area showing off their power supplies as this is still their core product and rightly so as the biggest PSU manufacturer in Germany currently.


We can only wonder why they have started to develop TFX and SFX power supplies now, and can only assume that maybe an obscure chassis will be arriving to the market in the near future that requires a small form factor PSU?

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