Best Buy Canada starts pre-order for Wii Mini, Nintendo leaks the price and availability info

/ 5 years ago

Best buy has started pre-orders for the Nintendo Wii Mini in their website as the official launch date is set for December 7th.

Unfortunately no information is provided about the Wii Mini, but on the bright side the Nintendo Wii’s website had a Whoops! moment by revealing the price tag of $99 and is available only in Canada during the holiday Season exclusively… for now. Stay tuned for December 7th!

Edit: More infomation comes in. The Crimson Red version is Canada Exclusive as for now. But unfortunately, Nintendo Wii Mini doesn’t come with both GameCube compatibility and with the ability to hook it up to the internet. Ouch!!!!!

Nintendo Wii comes the same motion controlled Wiimote and nunchuck controller.

Source: Engadget

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