Beta Tester Gives SteamBox Video Walkthrough

/ 4 years ago


It’s only been in the hands of the beta testers a couple of days, but initial impressions of SteamOS and the SteamBox are pretty good. Some users have been opening up the console to give a look at the internals, we’ve seen gameplay videos and more, but this user has been nice enough to give us a proper tour of the OS and functionality of the console… he also has a dog chewing a squeaky toy in the background by the sounds of it.

There are a lot of similarities to Steams Big Screen mode, but without the added layer of Windows, it’s quick and easy to use and offers a great alternative to those who simply want to game on their rigs, or a cheaper alternative (in terms of the OS) compared to buying a 2nd copy of Windows for your living room gaming system.


Personally I would rather build my own SteamBox, any tech minded gamer knows they’re just pre-built PC’s with the OS pre-installed, any PC can be a SteamBox. I do however think that Valve are onto something and this could be one of the biggest changes in the PC gaming market in many years. Will you be buying or building a SteamBox? Or are you only interesting in SteamOS?


Thank you Pocket Lint for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Pocket Lint.

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One Response to “Beta Tester Gives SteamBox Video Walkthrough”
  1. Alistair Hardy says:

    so far it looks quite good, I’d be interested in seeing a good break down of the controller and a review of how it feels in different types of games.

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