Bethesda Calls Time On Skyrim – Will Only Get Minor Updates Now

/ 5 years ago


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has made the Elder Scrolls series one of the most popular game series on the planet. The Elder Scrolls was always pretty successful RPG game since the first was released in 1994. Ever since then it grew in popularity as the series progressed: Arena, DaggerFall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

Skyrim was the most successful in the series, reviving interest in many of the older games as Gamers looked to trace the history of the Elder Scrolls series. However, Skyrim’s time is now up as Bethesda is looking to move on and focus more-or-less exclusively on their next project. Bethesda claims to be moving on to make their “biggest and best work yet” and this means no more DLC or major updates for Skyrim. Bethesda did say small updates here and there would arrive but these will probably be reserved to minor bug fixes and so on.

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Since Skyrim was release in late 2011 it has been received incredibly well and sold very well. The most recent sales figures, for July 2012, suggested 10 million sales while the game has dominated the Steam most played list now for quite some time.

Speculation over the what “biggest and best work yet” could be has varied between Wolfenstein, Project Zwei or Fallout 4. What are your thoughts on Bethesda retiring Skyrim and what are you feelings on what they might be working on next?

Bethesda release these two cryptic clue video clips to assist you with guessing.

Clip #1

Clip #2


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6 Responses to “Bethesda Calls Time On Skyrim – Will Only Get Minor Updates Now”
  1. Mandip Das says:

    Better combat style and animation would very nice for the future releases of this awesome series. 🙂

  2. Zobator says:

    It appears that a Legendary Edition will be released containing all of the DLC. Some Polish retailer leaked the info

  3. Anti Derp says:

    derp ryan ofcourse the big project is the elder scrolls online >.>

    • Derp. Elder Scrolls Online is being done by Zenimax Online 😛

    • Just for clarification I am talking about the difference between developer and publisher. Skyrim was developed and published by Bethesda. Elder scrolls is developed by Zenimax and published by Bethesda. Like for example Fallout 3 was also developed and published by Bethesda while Fallout New Vegas was developed by Obsidian but published by Bethesda. In the sense of “what are Bethesda working on next” I am referring to “working on directly” or as a developer.

  4. Jordan Buck says:

    Ryan, I really hope the clues point to a new Fallout! That would be so EPIC! Freakin love those games.

    p.s. Morrowind was the best Elder Scrolls 😉

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