beyerdynamic Reveals New FOX USB-C Microphone

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beyerdynamic Reveals New FOX USB-C Microphone

beyerdynamic FOX: High-Quality Audio Anywhere

High-quality sound production is becoming more and more attainable at home with just a PC and a USB Type-C port available. The latest to push this trend forward is beyerdynamic with their new FOX USB-C microphone. Podcasters, streamers and other at-home professionals simply need to plug it to start working.

The beyerdynamic FOX features a high-quality microphone capsule. Which is the same one in professional studio microphones around the world. It is a large-membrane condenser microphone providing high sensitivity compared to common dynamic microphones.

Versatile and Compact

Its cardioid polar pattern shields against rear-incident noise. This provides ideal protection against background noise as well. Moreover, yhe elastic suspension on the microphone capsule prevents extra noise from vibration. Which includes footsteps or any structural-borne noise.

The FOX is not just ideal for vocals, but it is great for instruments as well. Moreover, it comes with a gain switch so that users can toggle in between. Need to record on the road? Just simply bring headphones and a laptop, and you are set. There is no need to bring a pre-amplifier, converter and a variety of connecting cables. Also,  it only weighs 500 grams so it is highly portable. Even without a laptop, the FOX is compatible with Android or iOS (with adapter) for mobile recording.

beyerdynamic Reveals New FOX USB-C Microphone

How Much Does the beyerdynamic FOX Cost?

The FOX will be available in April for $179. Plus, it comes with a two-year guarantee.

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