Bill Gates optimistic the Microsoft Surface will revolutionise the Tablet market

/ 5 years ago

In a recent interview Microsoft owner Bill Gates stated that he was fanatical about the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Bill Gates also claims that he had the idea for Tablets “way too early” and his fanaticism over the Surface led him to the conclusion that Apple would have to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft.

Bill Gates was intent that the Surface from Microsoft brings what is best about the PC and what is best about the Tablet together into one item ideal for home and work use. With the integration of a desktop OS and relatively high end hardware the Surface should provide much more performance than anything Apple can match. He hopes the Surface tablet will show that no compromises need to be made in order to have the best of both the mobile and PC world.

Gates strongly believes that the Surface is infinitely different to the iPad in the sense that it allows users to fuse the functionality of both a traditional tablet with a PC, whilst the iPad only offers tablet functions. He said that Apple may need to create a Surface like device to be competitive. The Surface he said is a “seminal event”.

Yet it remains to be seen whether the Surface will live up to all the hype, especially given the dominance the iPad has over the tablet market. Surely those who want the benefits of PC like features with the mobility of a tablet would just opt for an Ultrabook?

Let us know what you think about the potential success of Microsoft’s Surface as a PC/Tablet hybrid.



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